Thursday, 1 March 2012

What's In My Bag?

I've come to realise that whatever topic you specialise in, whatever your interests are and whatever you do on a day to day basis, if you're a woman, a post titled "whats in my bag" will always grab your attention (it know it's attracted me before). 

I've loved to see what's hidden in the depths of people's clutch, oversized, fashionable and everyday handbags! So I thought I'd join in the fun (and noseyness) and investigate what's hidden in my own! 

I didn't add, take away or change anything and honestly tipped out my bag as it was today!


Batiste Dry Shampoo
Aboslutely love batiste dry shampoo. For those days when your fringe is greasy but the rest is fine, or when you just don't have time to wash it! It's brilliant and now comes in all different colours and fragrances!

L'oreal Telescopic Mascara 
 This mascara is one of the best products I have ever bought! Nothing compares to this when it comes to coating my lashes and this carbon black style ensures that they are shiny and dark as well as long and full :)
The lipgloss that's good for your lips! This one has Aloe Vera and is by far my favourite. I always have a tin hanging around and as well being good for those dry lip days, it's also great for giving your lips a glossy shine.  

Charm-eleon sugared doughnut ring 
One of our new designs, our sugared doughnut ring complete with four sweet doughnuts smothered in sugar. Makes me hungry every time I see it. These are on our site now!

Cupcake Earphones
I can never have a normal pair of earphones and as there as so many funky designs in the comfy rubber style I love. I asked for these for Christmas to replace my very old ladybird ones. Check out these banana earphones in my other post too.

Carex Hand gel 

I carry a bottle of this everywhere, particularly as I catch two buses a day which has made me realise just how dirty some people are! You could say I have a little bit of OCD but at least my hands are clean :) This one smells really nice too and as its the moisturiser version, its not as harsh as some others.

Charm-eleon Pink fancy necklace 
This is one of our most popular products and comes in all the delcious colours  of pink, yellow and chocolate brown. Fancy your own french fancy necklace?

MAC Studio Finish Concealer 
I recieved this concealer  for Christmas and with it being so tiny I didn't think it would last very long but I was shocked to see that you only need the tiniest fingertip full for large areas. It gives great coverage and also blends well with my MAC foundation.


I love my little purse. I used to have a large one full of pockets and secrets compartments, but the problem was if i wanted to take a smaller bag it never fitted. Therefore I picked up this little bargain at Primark for only £1 - does the job nicely :)

£20 Republic voucher
I recieved this voucher for Christmas and have carried it around with me ever since. I haven't seen anything in the shop I like yet, so i'll keep it with me untill I do :)


I carry my iPhone everywhere with me and feel lost without it. Whether its my daily call from my sis, a quick catch up on Facebook on the bus, uploading pics to Twitter, or playing a game to pass the time, this mobile has (sadly) become a part of my everyday routine! My phone however had to be taken out of the image to take the picture :)

I love to see these posts, so if you have done your own feel free to leave a comment and link to it below so I can take a look.




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  1. I'm so nosey so I love these posts!

    Loving your homemade jewellery!

    Lola ..x


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