Saturday, 4 February 2012

Food, Jewellery and something unique. What more could a girl want this Valentines?

For some people, valentines day is to be avoided like the plague whether its dodging themed shop windows, temporarily ignoring those friends who are loved up, or downing a couple of bottles to celebrate your life as a singleton. However for others, valentines is something to look forward to, an excuse to be romantic once a year, or a reminder of how much you mean to each other. Here's a few ideas for the perfect way to cheer up yourself, a friend and of course a perfect hint for your loved one. 

Have your dinner and dessert all in one with our food themed rings!

It looks like this year it's going to be the coldest Valentines day ever! Its already supposed to start snowing in Brighton this weekend and yesterday it was -5! Hot chocolates and stodgy food are still on my menu untill the sun shows its face again, so recently I've had plenty of inspiration for making new foodie pieces. We've just released the first few items of our Valentines collection and as well as being yummy, these pieces are as romantic as you can get! We have everything from heart shaped waffles topped with soft pink ice cream, to a sweet spongy cupcake necklace iced with love hearts and ready to show off to the world. 

The way to a girls heart: chocolate cupcake with heart icing and waffle and ice cream necklaces!

Rich chocolate cake with a romantic twist ready to be made into jewellery

The usual Valentine's romance involves dinner, chocolates and bunches of roses, so why not add a new twist with unique food jewellery to express your love instead? We have a little something to suit everyone, whether your the romantic mushy type or looking for a unique fashion accessory. 

How are you spending this Valentines day? 

Love Charm-eleon


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  1. This is adorable! I absolutely love the waffles and ice cream one :) x


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