Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gummi Bears bouncin' here and there and everywhere...

Introducing the BRAND NEW and very colourful teddy fruit gum range at 

 Gummi Bear Bracelet

Click here to see this gum bear bracelet on our website

Our Gummi Bear charms
Click here to see these gummi bear charms on our website
Our Gummi Bear necklaces

Click here to see these gummi bear necklaces on our website

Gum bears are not only popular here at Charm-eleon but also with the stars! 
Check out Katy Perry rocking her very own Gummi bear jewellery below:

Get your hands on these beautiful little bears now!
Which is your favourite?


Sunday, 23 September 2012

10% OFF Our Cakey and Kitsch Food Jewellery! ONE WEEK ONLY!

In celebration of International cupcake week, we thought we'd offer all our lovely fans a treat with 10% off all our cakey themed food jewellery products this week! 

From Cupcake necklaces and carrot cake earrings, to French fancy hair slides and our gorgeous blue bow cream sponge cake bracelets, there's a sweet treat for every type of fashionista!



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