Monday, 16 January 2012

The art of mixing food and fashion!

What a busy week! Saturday was my friend’s surprise baby shower which was very successful and very pink. We had everything from baby hampers and bump guessing games to sausage rolls and jelly babies. I absolutely loved it! Yet as I spent three hours the night before slaving away making mini baby shower cupcakes (yes I said three hours) it made me realise that my love of food doesn’t just stop at jewellery making.

As a lover of food creations, I’m almost always on the lookout for the next quirky food product to shock, impress or feed my cravings! Whether its soap in the shape of chocolate, or makeup mirrors designed to look like toast, I love finding unusual products and building my collection.

Here are the products that took my fancy this week and will definetly be put on my foodie wish list!

Custard cream cushions! Everyone loves a good dunk of one of these in your tea and when the entire packet disappears through an episode of eastenders, you’ll still have a huge one waiting on your bed ready to snuggle.

Raspberry handbag! This little food creation would guarantee to be a head turner but as for practicality…I’m not too sure how long it would last, but for one night I’d definitely be teaming this up with my little black dress.

Mini cupcake lip gloss! How cute are these? Small enough to fit in your bag, but detailed enough to impress your friends. I am in love! They come in sets of different designs too. 

The perfect bed for all you burger lovers! Pull back the lettuce and snuggle under a cheese slice, this product’s undoubtedly on everyone’s secret wish list! Warning: You may wake in the night and start chewing on your mattress.

 I bet no one in your office/college/school/gym class has got these! What a way to stand out from the norm with mini bananas in your ears. I have cupcake earphones at the moment, but these bad boys are next on my list!

And finally…..

If it’s good enough for Miss GaGa…then it’s probably only good enough for her.  Personally the meat and dress combination just doesn’t quite do it for me and I think you’d have to use a whole bottle of perfume to cancel out the rotting flesh stench  with that one.

If you find anything that’s food related and out of the ordinary we’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget Charm-eleon doesn’t just create what we have on our site, we also design orders created from our customer’s minds which means we can produce the most perfect jewellery item unique to you.

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  1. This is a really interesting post! I've not read something like this before, gotta say the hamburger bed looks real comfy, and i agree with your opinion of the lady gaga meat dress! haha.


  2. I'm loving the burger bed! Fantastic!


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