Monday, 9 January 2012

1st Post of 2012

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Mine was chaotic but fun as ever with 9 adults and 3 kids all squished around our dinner table, but I love spending time with my family and wouldn't change our Christmas's for the world!

I've been busy making our new jewellery range for 2012 which includes waffle necklaces, pink fancy cake and sugared doughnut rings and multi-coloured macaroon bracelets...just to name a few! If you check our Twitter feed and Facebook page i'll be giving sneak peeks of our new products as they are made (just like the one below)

I always receive such lovely feedback about our products and as I don't have a dedicated spot on my website yet to write them, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite on a blog post instead! Its so nice to hear and thank you to all who sent messages:

Abigail, Southampton: 'thank you my lovely. the 2 rings and necklace are fab...thank you sooo much xxx'

Sandra, UK: Thank you x 'see attached pic here

Lucy, Somerset: 'how cute are the iced gem pieces and strawberry! Little pieces of art! Gorgeous!'

Lizzie, Twitter: 'OMG in love! Your Jewellery looks fab'

Daniel, Brighton: 'my girl was very happy with her new earrings. just needs an occasion to wear mustard pots now...'

Rosie, Kent: 'How adorable! I was telling my friend about the ring today and she is so excited to see it :) xo'

Bliss, London: 'omg iv been looking for you guys! gonna treat myself asap xxxx'

Emma, Kent: 'omg love it! Have such a sweet tooth'

Hannah, Sheffield: 'Absolutely love my strawberry bracelet, been wearing it everyday'

Tony, Wimbledon: 'The wife loved her macaroon earrings thanks for making me popular' 

Louise, Fife: 'love love love this necklace, so clever' 

We currently have a sale running on our site that includes some of our fan's favourite food jewellery items so get in there quick as on the 1st Feb they'll be returning to their usual prices :)

Have a great week peeps!

Love Charm-eleon

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