Tuesday, 13 December 2011

If you liked it then you should have put a food ring on it!

From diamonds and gold to beads, wood and stone, rings are one of the most precious gifts you could every receive or give to a loved one. However more recently they have taken a step further in the fashion world and what started as a personalised gift have been given a more unique touch with your favourite food. 

Yes, that's right, no more ordinary white gold bands and glitzy diamonds, its all about sporting your fav starter, main and dessert on your finger nowadays and it seems even the celebs are loving this yummy new fashion!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry seems to be wearing her food rings more than her own wedding band recently (maybe Russell should have thought more carefully about his ring choices) and we understand why. Perfect for that fashionable, slightly outrageous and 'home loving' type of girl, the miniature roast dinner ring that Katy tweeted recently would look great with any outfit....even pink cookie latex ones. 

However if you're more of a dessert person, I know I am, then we're not alone. From Katy Perry's other delicious biscuit ring and Kate Bosworth's doughnut ring, to Cher Lloyd's iced gem jewellery and the delicious cake design worn by Rachel Bilson, it's clear the stars love boasting their sweet tooth to the world! 

Burger & chips ring by Charm-eleon

Just like Lady GaGa's stage outfits, food rings can be unique, stylish and just a little bit crazy! You can use them for motivation on that new year diet, as a little reminder of your favourite dinner date or to stand out from the crowd and impress your friends. 

These style of rings are unlikely to ever go out of fashion, giving you plenty of time to decide what your favourite is. 

Love Charm-eleon


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