Wednesday, 23 November 2011

* Handmade Christmas Jewellery At Charm-eleon *

So Christmas is slowly creeping up on us and as well as shopping for tons of presents for my huge family, I've been working away on a whole new Christmas jewellery collection for the website. 

From Christmas pudding bracelets and roast dinner rings, to mince pie earrings and seasonal red velvet cupcake necklaces, the collection has everything you could want from a stocking present for your teenage daughter, to a personalised gift for your Great Auntie!

The best thing about these gifts is they are all the delciousness of Christmas grub but without the guilty calories and there is nothing better than something handmade and special for your loved one! 

The Charm-eleon handmade jewellery parties have also been flooding in and I've been traveling all around spending the evening with customers, eating nibbles, sipping on wine and sharing my love for what I do. I love hearing who the presents are being bought for, or receiving a bespoke order for someone who has decided to treat themselves to something special. Our roast dinner ringsgem bracelets and strawberry bracelets in particular have been snapped up very quickly and I find I am constantly making replacements of these for the next event. 

Last night, at a Charm-eleon party in Worthing, one customer purchased our cream cake selection bracelet for her 75 year old grandmother (who had recently been told she is not allowed to eat anything sweet due to a medical condition). The gift was to cheer her up! How lovely! :)

This year I've asked for a cupcake maker, a very gorgeous New Look jumper, pair of Dorothy Perkin's boots and much needed makeup for my aging collection. It's definetly getting harder to choose and as you get older you realise how special Christmas was when you were little, especially now I get more excited about giving my young niece and nephews their presents than receiving my own. 

What have you asked for this Christmas?


P.s if you would like to host your own Charm-eleon jewellery party then please get in touch. If you invite 5 or more people, you will receive a free gift!

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  1. What a great idea! Bracelets and brooches would be great too!


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