Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bored Of Your Nail Polish Collection? Here's Three Ways To Achieve A Unique Look!

Red, black, pink, green, sparkly and crackled, we all have a nail collection that's filled with all the colours under the sun, or in my case to probably match every outfit hanging in my wardrobe. However sometimes I get bored with a simple colour and although I've tried crackled polish and bright neon colours, I wanted something more.

I started to investigate what else I could do with my nails and found these three funky styles below which I fell in love with.

1: Newspaper nails

How to achieve the look: First paint your nails white, then dip each one in surgical spirit and hold a newspaper page over the top until the print has come off. This may work with magazines as well.
Go experiment! 

2: Sunset Nails

Tip: Don't put too much polish onto the sponge and wait until the polish is completely dry before removing the excess around the edge.

3: Nail decorations

I went into my local pound store and discovered these gorgeous little nail decoration sets. There was one with stars, hearts and flowers and one filled with tiny butterflies and dragonflies. I couldn't resist getting both!

To achieve the look: First paint your nails with a colour of your choice. Then paint a top coat of clear nail varnish onto the first nail, take your deco and push it onto the nail until it sticks. 
Repeat with each nail and once they are all firmly stuck, then go over each nail again with another coat of clear varnish. 

What funky nail styles have you recently discovered? Feel free to post a link to your recent nail posts too!

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