Saturday, 7 April 2012

These are a few of my favourite 'vintage' things

I've always loved vintage products, however recently i've been slowly building a wish list with a few i've seen around. So I thought I'd shared a few of my favourites with you all below....

Love, Laugh Live photo frame from Next
I loved this frame from the moment I spotted it in my local store and already started planning the pictures I could fill it with. It could easily hang in any room and would be really cute as a present too! 

Vintage miniature draw set from Velvet

At £18 these miniature set of draws are fairly expensive, but I still love them! Great for storing your fashionable food jewellery ;) or other little goodies and would go perfectly with other vintage looking furniture! 

Bird duvet set from Asda

At just £11 (double) this gorgeous duvet is a bargain! It has great online reviews too and looks so pretty! I can't wait to purchase this one as it would look great with my green bedroom and other vintage accessories. 

I'm desperate for one of these beautiful cushions! Each one is delicately handmade and is just one of the many gorgeous designs available :) 

New butterfly range from Matalan

These miniature draws are adorable along with the other products in this new butterfly range from Matalan! Theres also a large box, wall signs, mirrors and door hooks. I'd love to have the complete set!

Now for something I have purchased recently......

Daisy dress from Primark

 A bargain at £3 down from £5, this dress was hard to resist. Its lightweight, really comfy and will go with almost anything in my wardrobe from leggings and cardigans to lace up boots and jean jackets! 

Here at Charm-eleon ,we have also created our own vintage food jewellery range and have nearly completed our new necklace and ring products. Here's a sneak peak below...


If you would like to pre-order anything above, please get in touch at, or leave a comment below, as our new vintage range products are limited

Have you purchased anything vintage recently?



  1. Love the bedspread! Think that's definitely something I'll have to purchase come payday! :)


  2. Hey hun! Recently descovered your blog, so cute! Love your posts and your jewellery is adorable! :) I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award! :) Check it out! :) xoxo

  3. Awww your jewellery is adorable, love the cream tea ring!!

  4. I have commented on your blog Sophie! Thanks Kylie :) xxx


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